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The online home of Sandra Lewis Gans - Prophetic Bible Teacher, Speaker, Encourager

Ministry Invite Details 

Thank you for considering me as a speaker at your church or event. You can be sure that I will share God's Word in a way that empowers, builds faith, and motivates towards a deeper more intimate relationship with God. God uses me to teach His Word in a way that is simple but powerful, helping to walk it out in our daily lives in a way that changes us and our circumstances. He uses me to bring prophetic insight and Biblical wisdom. I have seen unhealthy mindsets and thinking patterns broken and changed, relationships gain new direction, and hope and freedom restored through the power of God's Word being ministered and received.

Here are further details:

I do not charge a specific fee for my work at any event, but request a generous honorarium and/or offering as the occasion dictates. This is my full time occupation. I do not reject or accept any invites based on potential earnings. I have been in full time ministry for the past many years and I have seen God provide again and again for my life. However I am blessed and appreciate when I am financially rewarded for my work. Please make checks out to POSITIONED,LLC.

I ask that you provide for travel expenses, lodging and meals. The cost of this can be included with the honorarium/offering or however works best for you. I also need a table to set up products and other ministry info, and if I am traveling alone, I would need some help setting up my table and someone to help manage it during the duration of the event.

Again thanks for visiting my site. I look forward to working with you. For further invite details or questions, you can contact me via the ministry info below.

Love and Blessings


[email protected]


Sandra Lewis Gans

P O Box 11893

Olympia, WA 98508

360 539 4776